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Tapestry Tote Bags

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This beautiful tapestry tote comes in 3 sizes and 2 designs. 
The red poppy blossoms and splashes this design with a sea of scarlet.

If ever a wildflower can be said to epitomize a Ukrainian summer, it must be the red poppy. In July, countryside verges come alive, and fields of corn are splashed with scarlet as the poppy flower comes into its full glory. The flower’s delicate appearance belies its hardy nature, and its ability to flourish on the undisturbed ground has made it a metaphor for enduring memory. Our striking design sets a sea of untamed, blood red poppy plants against a white background.

 Cute ladybugs crawl across a field of daisies in this tapestry design, so you can take a touch of summer with you on your day-to-day trips. And we all know that seeing a ladybird brings good luck! 
All sizes have a zippered closure with two slide-in pockets inside.

16''W X 13''H X 4''D (L),

14''W X 12''H X 4''D (M),

12''W X 9''H X 4''D (S) with shoulder strap.