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Mad Mats® Turkish Runners

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The best-made, 100% carefree outdoor rug on the planet. Mad Mats are woven with the highest-grade poly made from recycled plastics; We sourced state-of-the-art conditioners to make the tubular threads softer and resilient, colorants for brighter, vivid colors, and UV inhibitors to keep them from fading. The result is that our rugs don’t fade, stain, or trap moisture or mildew. Exactly how it should be: no care is carefree!
Each rug is reversible and comes with a one-year colour guarantee.  In full sun our rugs will easily last three to four seasons. But don’t be tempted to mess with a good thing: please do not use bleach or other harsh household chemicals to clean Mad Mats. Simply rinse the rug off with a garden hose and it will give you years of outdoor living pleasure.
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