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Graupner wood ornaments

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The rocking horse on the logo is their emblem. The oblique motif on the logo is also their motto: the products of the small handicraft factory Graupner are cheerful, with a childlike charm and a little out of the ordinary. The company was founded in 1986 in Crottendorf in the Erzgebirge mountains by master wood toy maker Ronald Graupner and his wife Kordula. The company has meanwhile grown to over 10 employees, and has been producing for more than 3 decades their special and colourful Christmas decor. The production of the small wooden parts is based on a very old technique of the Erzgebirge ore mountains, called hoop turnery. Ronald Graupner who studied mechanical engineering has even developed his own custom made machines from the very beginning. Kordula Graupner is responsible for the design and mixing of the colours. After completion, each individual part is given a special washing cycle in the drum dyeing plant. At the end of the process, the individual parts are assembled by a steady hand with the help of brushes and tweezers to create the cheerfully glowing products.

Graupner Christmas Tree Ornaments

The company Graupner Holzminiaturen is the leader for Holiday ornaments made of wood - in an unattainable variety. Each piece tells atmospheric stories in the smallest of spaces. On the "Small Fireplace" Santa Claus has made himself as comfortable as the "Teddy" in a different version, alongside candlesticks and Christmas trees. The Floating Angels or Moon-cloud-angels are available in various motifs and also very special. They like to make music or feed the birds in front of a tiny christmas tree. Also the shapely bells or little crib motives set coloured accents at your tree and are popular collecting objects. The attention to detail of even the smallest motifs is always an eye-catcher.


The family manufactory Graupner has successfully lead the old Erzgebirge tradition into the future, by producing wooden miniatures with an unmistakable and contemporary design and a special style of colour and form. The range comprises almost three hundred different products, some of which are available in different colours. About 5000 different small parts, often in up to 10 different colours, are used! In cooperation with the local designer Katrin Baumann new products are also created and designed every year.

Only wood from local forests (mainly sycamore, spruce and pine) is used, which is pre-cut by local sawmills and particularly well dried. Brilliant colours and high craftsmanship complete the valuable raw materials. Graupner only uses colours that are certified for toys and are therefore free of toxins and chemical solvents. The high quality and lightfastness of the colours also ensure that the products still shine just as beautifully after many years as they did at the beginning.