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Baltic Amber

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Baltic Amber in a variety of colors
in  sterling silver or gold. 
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All of our amber is directly imported from  Poland.
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Amber (Bursztyn in Polish) is fossilized tree sap that dates back 40 million years. It comes from all around the world, but the highest quality and richest deposits are found around the Baltic Sea. During the colder months, when water density reaches its highest point, amber floats up from the seabed and is washed to shore by the waving sea. Amber is the only fossil resin that contains 3 to 8% succinic acid, a multi-purpose therapeutic substance, that was prescribed by early physicians for headaches, heart problems, arthritis and a variety of other ailments. 

Jewelry made of Amber are thought to work for minimizing pain in neck, head and throat areas. lessen pain of Arthritis, Rheumatism in joints containing anti-inflammatory properties.  In addition as well as help to minimize anxiety and overcome fatigue.Some people also wear Amber necklace since they believe that it can help to enhance function of thyroid. Even today amber necklaces are believed  to have analgesic properties being very popular among parents who want a natural solution for baby’s teething as well as droolingFor  Pets collars made of amber are thought to be effective in avoiding and fighting fleas and ticks. Amber collar works by electrifying animal hair, which in turn helps to eliminate fleas and other parasites.

Butterscotch Amber is a completely natural form of Baltic Amber. It is simply of a rarer kind than it's renown Cognac twin, as a happy result of nature's cunning beauty. The exact shade of Butterscotch Amber, like a fine wine, is known to develop and change with time. As decades pass, milky amber will turn into light antique and later to a more yellow golden hue. Therefore its color can offer valuable insight into its history, age and origins.
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